Superhero Leads!

On May 29th, Manchester Lindy’s Tuesday Swing Social is going Superhero crazy!

Leads (including lady-leads) are invited to attend dressed as superheroes – we’ll also have a communal dressing up box for those too shy to travel to Freemason’s Hall with their underpants over their trousers.

Here’s the official low down:

There is an exciting project coming up to make a fun film about celebrating all the lovely leads who are our prince charmings & book on with us wonderful follows for events – the aim is fun whilst also encouraging the sluggish leads to step it up!

What we want to do is get some still shots of lots of leads striking their superhero poses!

This is going to be a fun montage & the leads featured can have exposure for their local event/group/cause or remain anonymously gorgeous – their choice. All guys posing need to be comfortable with the shots being used online around the swing community.

Whether you want to wear your groups’ t-shirt or your red cape it’s up to you, as long as you look awesome & it’s suitable for kids/grannies to watch!

The rest of the nature of the film is under wraps so we make an even bigger impact when the film comes out in the summer

Manchester Lindy will be snapping pics and submitting them on your behalf so all you have to remember is your cape!

Illustration by Jesse Lonergan, see more dancing comic icons here.