Tuesday 24th of July, Manchester Pimp Walk special!

This Tuesday we are combining the beginners and improvers class to teach you all the Manchester Pimp Walk routine.

(This is for ALL levels so if you usually arrive just before the beginners class, come early this week)

Lesson will start at 7.45pm
Social starts about 9.00pm (ends 10.45ish)

The Manchester Pimp Walk is Manchester Lindy’s very own dance routine choreographed and taught originally by the fabulous Trisha Sewell.

The routine will be performed as a flashmob, which will be done in the very near future, watch this space!

We’ll be passing it on to all attendees of our Lindy Exchange too!

Also happening in the next couple of weeks on a Tuesday night, Manchester Lindy members will be filmed performing strolls such as the shim sham and charleston stroll, so get practicing!