Summer Round Up

Well! What a summer that was!

Manchester Lindy moved to a new Tuesday venue. made the Sunday socials a regular fixture, danced at the Longford Park Centenary party, taught at the W.I. and helped welcome Manchester University’s new International students to town!

We’ve had some wonderful guests teaching at our workshops and Tuesday socials, some from far away – Trisha Sewell (Herts), Karla and Murphy (Hull), Sarah Else (Sheffield) and some from close to home, Mike and Kate (Manchester) Mike and Nicky (Manchester) and Taina K (Manchester, formerly London). We’ve done the Tranky Do, we’ve hosted a hairstyling lesson and learned (and taught) our very own Jazz routine, The Manchester Pimp Walk.

Our Facebook group now has over 400 members and our website (new for 2012) has had over 10,000 views. We’ve lost 3 committee members (but gained 4!) and started planning our first exchange, we’ve got what feels like a million ideas on the table for 2013 and best of all, the wonderful Taina K has agreed to teach an Improvers class for us every month!

See you on the dancefloor!