The Jelly Roll Club

Like Lindy Hop? Fed up of tea and cake? Want a boozy Saturday night dance/party in Manchester? Well, here is your very own boozy Saturday night dance/party in Manchester!

Manchester’s first (and quite possibly last)  taste of The Jelly Roll Club. Expect swinging, jazzy rhythms, plenty of booze, Lindy Hopping goodness, and maybe even a pair of big trousers or two.

Doors open at 9pm. Swing and jazz from 9 until 1, then for the last hour… guilty pleasures. Shake off that sweaty partner, go solo and shake your ass to some classic tunes.

£5 in and drinks from £1.75. Yes, that’s right, £1.75. Don’t ask what kind of drinks…… just focus on the price.

June 22nd at Zoo just off Grosvenor Street (attached to The Pub). Click on the flyer below to go to the Facebook event.

See you there.

Facebook Event