All Change! New Lesson times at Manchester Lindy!

Hey y’all! Don’t forget, lesson times change this Tuesday (7th May) Level 1 (formerly known as beginners) now starts at 7.45 as does the all new LEVEL 3! Level 2 is now at 8.30 (ish). All classes will be 45 mins long and we’ll be using a second room at Freemason’s Hall so social dancing can start earlier too (from 8.30pm). Sadly this means we’ll be raising the price to £5 – but hopefully you’ll all feel like you get more than an extra pounds worth!

Doors open at 7.30, as always.

(Level info is on the website – Level 3 is invitation only – speak to Paula or Amy if you fancy it, if you aren’t quite ready yet we’ll try and suggest things you can work on to get there – a rough guide is you need at least 2 years experience to qualify).