Welcome to The Lindy Circular!

Welcome to The Lindy Circular!

A blog by Leanne Frank

If you, intrepid dancer, have found your way to this brand-spanking new Manchester Lindy blog series, prepare to have your MIND BLOWN. Well, maybe not blown, but definitely jiggled purposefully. This blog series will be a veritable cornucopia of knowledge on the ins and outs of Lindy Hop, both in Manchester and beyond. There will be links to national and international dancing, inspiring dance videos and all manner of information to help you, dear reader, get the most out of this wonderful dance.

Hopefully, you have been enjoying the musical delights of our regular Tuesday session and have become accustomed to the warm, fuzzy feeling that radiates through your innards when you have a good dance. One of the loveliest things about Lindy Hop is knowing that after only forty-five minutes of teaching, you are dance floor-ready and can spread happiness across a room full of relative strangers then toddle home, charged full of positive energy for the week ahead.

To help you on your quest for Lindy glory, the committee are always on hand to help with any questions you may have about particular moves, dance floor etiquette or ways to improve as a dancer on the whole. They are all incredibly friendly and expect you to go up to them and ask questions; never feel as though you are a burden!

You may have been dancing for some time now and the Swing bug has taken a sizeable bite out of some/all of your extremities. You want to take it further, to Improve and impress. What to do you do? Well reader, the next bold step on your Lindy ascension should be to book on to your first dance camp!

Dance camp? That sounds a bit serious, doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s the complete opposite. Dance camps are designed to be totally oriented to improve your lead and follow skills and create a lively and engaging environment for you to try them out. The atmosphere is completely social and you will be inundated with dancers coming from similar (dance) backgrounds to you, from all over the world. You will make friends; you will laugh, learn and most importantly, dance!

There are no words that describes the social floor at a camp as well as ‘inspirational’. Here you’ll find dancers from all over the world coming together and trying out their best moves  to a live band providing the  soundtrack. Just observing will immerse you in the true spirit of Lindy Hop.

If booking onto a camp is a bold step that you aren’t quite ready for or don’t have the budget for, that’s OK, it just so happens that there’s a solution for this – the fabulous workshops that take place in Manchester! The focus can range from swing-outs to solo jazz and they are always tailored to suit your needs and build your confidence. As well as our own occasional workshops, taught by national and international dancers, Manchester Lindy happily recommends the Would You Dance? workshops, taught by Taina K. Honestly, you really do want to take advantage of these additional classes as they are there to help you become a better social dancer. If you want any more information, just speak to the committee (manchesterlindy@gmail.com) or Taina (mail@tainak.com).

With workshops and inspiration in mind, here are a few clips of a couple in action that will be teaching at Manchester Lindy’s very own upcoming workshop… Pontus Persson and Isabella Gregorio! Booking is not yet open for this May 2014 workshop, so keep an eye on our Facebook Group and blog for announcements.

In the meantime, enjoy these videos of Pontus and Isabella in action:

Pontus- Solo Jazz at Paris Jazz Roots

Pontus and Isabella Pro Classic division ILHC 2012

Until next time!

Leanne Frank

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