News Flash! Thomas Blacharz, guest teacher, TONIGHT!

Manchester Lindy is giddy with excitement because Thomas Blacharz is still in town and he’s coming to our Swing Social tonight to guest teach levels 2&3!

As those that experienced Manchester Lindy’s fabulous Thomas and Alice workshop will know, Thomas’ teaching is thorough and his dancing inspirational.

Our bargain-tastic £5 price still applies! All we ask is that our members choose either level 2 OR level 3, we want to ensure there is enough space to move!

See you on the dance floor!

Manchester Lindy

All Change! New Lesson times at Manchester Lindy!

Hey y’all! Don’t forget, lesson times change this Tuesday (7th May) Level 1 (formerly known as beginners) now starts at 7.45 as does the all new LEVEL 3! Level 2 is now at 8.30 (ish). All classes will be 45 mins long and we’ll be using a second room at Freemason’s Hall so social dancing can start earlier too (from 8.30pm). Sadly this means we’ll be raising the price to £5 – but hopefully you’ll all feel like you get more than an extra pounds worth!

Doors open at 7.30, as always.

(Level info is on the website – Level 3 is invitation only – speak to Paula or Amy if you fancy it, if you aren’t quite ready yet we’ll try and suggest things you can work on to get there – a rough guide is you need at least 2 years experience to qualify).

The Jelly Roll Club

Like Lindy Hop? Fed up of tea and cake? Want a boozy Saturday night dance/party in Manchester? Well, here is your very own boozy Saturday night dance/party in Manchester!

Manchester’s first (and quite possibly last)  taste of The Jelly Roll Club. Expect swinging, jazzy rhythms, plenty of booze, Lindy Hopping goodness, and maybe even a pair of big trousers or two.

Doors open at 9pm. Swing and jazz from 9 until 1, then for the last hour… guilty pleasures. Shake off that sweaty partner, go solo and shake your ass to some classic tunes.

£5 in and drinks from £1.75. Yes, that’s right, £1.75. Don’t ask what kind of drinks…… just focus on the price.

June 22nd at Zoo just off Grosvenor Street (attached to The Pub). Click on the flyer below to go to the Facebook event.

See you there.

Facebook Event

Workshops Ahoy!

We have two mega-exciting workshops coming up later this year:

Suga Bomb Manchester (June 15th & 16th)

Trisha Sewell’s follower only two day workshop. Learn to be a “dynamic follower”. This will be great and what’s more, you don’t need a lead to book on! Places are limited so get in there early. Booking opens 8th May.

More details here:

And on Facebook here:

Thomas & Alice Do Manchester (19th & 20th October)

Yup, The incredible Alice Mei and Thomas Blacharz are coming to teach in Manchester. Two workshops, one on each day, and a party Saturday night, of course. Booking opens 10th June.

More details here:

And on Facebook here:

Hope to see you there!

Manchester Lindy presents… our first Jack and Jill contest!

As so many of our members are planning on entering the competitions at DJam, we thought it would be fun to have a little warm up contest of our own, here in Manchester!

So, next Tuesday (22nd Jan) we’ll be running Manchester Lindy’s very first (mini) Jack and Jill!

The battle for the MCR Lindy title will take place during the social part of the evening and if you want to enter, please email Paula –, or comment on the J&J post on our Facebook group!

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dancing, the only entry rule is this: It must be your very first time in a Lindy Hop Competition!

For those that are tempted but shy, there will be an opportunity to register on the night 🙂

*In true Manchester style, the roles of ‘Jacks’ and ‘Jills’ are open to dancers of any gender, pick your dance role to suit yourself!