There are no swing socials on Tuesdays 17th, 24th or 31st October due to double bookings at the venue. Events resume on 3rd October. See you on the dance floor!

Classes in Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz

Manchester Lindy provide three dance classes each Tuesday evening followed by social dancing until 10.45pm (ish).

There’s no need to bring a partner as leads and follows will be rotated regularly throughout the classes.

 Level One 12 week cycle start dates:

3rd October 2017

9th January 2018

(although you are welcome to start any week!)

Level 1 (been dancing less than 6 months? This level is definitely for you!)  7.45pm in Room 2

Level 2 ( for those Lindy hopping between 6 months and two years-ish) 7.45pm in Room 1

Jazz (suitable for all! Solo movement makes you a better all around Lindy Hopper!) 8.30pm in Room 2

(Please see our Levels section for more information)

Social Dancing starts at 8.30 pm in Room 1.

Entry is £5, whether you do one class, two classes, or simply social dance!

Our Tuesday Swing Social with classes currently takes place at the wonderful

Manchester Hall (formerly Freemasons’ Hall) Bridge Street (off Deansgate) M3 3BT 

Manchester Lindy classes are taught by a variety of teachers so that each week you get a different experience, even when the material covered is the similar. The wonderful Taina K (swing dance champion!) guest teaches regularly.

Don’t worry if you have no dancing experience, Level 1 classes are especially FOR you, and each class is designed to give you small selection of moves to get you up and running on the social floor that very same night! Our Level 1 curriculum follows a progressive 12 week cycle, but you can start ANY WEEK. Most folk will need to do the Level 1 cycle at least twice through (total of 24 weeks) before progressing to Level 2.