Committee Bio – Kate and Mike

Kate and MikeKate and Mike

Mike and Kate were well established teachers and performers in Manchester and beyond before they joined the committee. We’re incredibly proud to have them on board (and they’ve probably taught more MCR dancers the classic Jazz routines than anyone. Ever).

Spins. Terrifying, awe-inspiring spins. When asked what their signature move was on the dance floor they were not sure. The answer is SPINS! Sweet-Jesus-that’s-not-physically-possible spins. This couple are definitely worth pulling up a ringside seat for when they hit the social floor. Kate and Mike are Manchester’s own Lithuanian legends; friendly, approachable and incredibly knowledgeable about the dance. They can be found teaching classes and chatting happily to people at the side of the floor. When they are not doing that… spins. All the spins. All the time.

When and why did you start dancing?

It was so long ago that we can’t remember the exact date and exactly why… However, we have an artefact in the form of a trophy dated January 2000…

Has Lindy Hop affected you in ways you haven’t expected?

Some people say we are good teachers. A few years ago we didn’t even think about teaching.

Where do you like to dance outside of Manchester?

It doesn’t matter where you dance, what matters is the atmosphere that Lindy folk create. Manchester Lindy is definitely the nicest place to dance. However, there is one special place we always want to go back to – small Jazz club in Klaipeda called “Kurpiai” where everything started for us.

What made you decide to join the committee?

ML has played an important role in building Lindy community in Manchester. Being part of it is an honour.

What are your favourite shoes to dance in?

Any comfy shoes with slippery soles.

What worries you the most during a social dance?

Bumping into others.

What’s would someone say your signature move is on a social dance floor?

It’s a tough one; we need to check this out…

If you had to put in to words what a good dance feels like, what would you compare it to?

Flames – warm, playful, and different in every single moment.

Name one difficulty you have faced learning to dance. How have you dealt with it?

Early Lindy sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Yes, we were that serious about it…

What’s the number one rule any good Lindy Hopper must follow?

Always think about your partner.

Who are your favourite dancers to watch?

Our teachers.

Is there such a thing as a mistake in Lindy Hop?

it’s not a competition and no-one is judging you on a social dance floor. The important thing is that you and your partner share the joy of dancing together.

What are your hopes for the Lindy community in the future?

We hope one day everyone will be a member of the Lindy community.

Mike and Kate were interviewed by Leanne Frank in 2014