Committee Bio – Lisa Ashton

Lisa A

Lisa AIf Manchester Lindy had a beating heart, Lisa would be it. A key character who always has time for any and all questions from our nervous beginners. You will often find her welcoming people behind the desk as they walk in, teaching lessons and extolling the virtues of pulsing when you dance (it really is important, you know). Lisa’s DJ slots are always crowd-pleasers; her love of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong always ensure the quality of the music is second to none. Always game for a dance and a chat, Lisa really is the go-to gal in Team ML.

When and why did you start dancing?

In 2011, went to Whim Wham on a night out from work and the ML guys were there dancing. It was a Friday night, I was in a lindy lesson on Monday night.

Where do you like to dance outside of Manchester?

I’ve enjoyed dancing in lots of places, but Sheffield is always fun and friendly.

What made you decide to join the committee?

I was asked to join, at a time when all I could think about was dancing. It seemed a good way to do something I love and hopefully keep ML improving… and myself.

What are your favourite shoes to dance in?

Aris Allen pumps… I’m rubbish in heels.

What worries you most during a social dance?

Being lead by someone better and missing an easy lead.

What would someone say your signature move is on a social dance floor?

Kick ball change on 1&2 of a swing out… Although at one point it’s all I did, so been working on doing different variations.

If you had to put into words what a good dance feels like, what would you compare it to?

Not sure I can compare it, but nothing beats that feeling when you nail a move and you both look at each other with a ‘hell yes’ face.

Name one difficulty you’ve faced learning to dance. How have you dealt with it?

Being a Single Follow and the struggle to get onto camps. I’ve had to man up and ask leads. And be willing to take ‘I’ve already been asked’ that can follow. That’s when solo jazz rocks.

What’s the number one rule any good Lindy Hopper must follow?

No feedback on the social floor. It’s just for fun dancing.

Who are your favourite dancers to watch?

Skye Humphries, Frida Segerdahl and Peter Strom.

Is there such a thing as a mistake in Lindy Hop?

Nope. We all miss stuff; It’s just fun… laugh. Otherwise you’ll be pulling yourself apart in every dance.

What are your hopes for the Lindy community in the future?

That it continues to grow, although not too big. I like that it’s small enough to have that ‘family’ and safe feel to it.

Lisa Ashton was interviewed by Leanne Frank in 2014