Committee Bio – Meg


MegIn the event of a ML breaking into a riot situation, Megan is the one person I’m most likely to be hiding behind. Originally a fencing prodigy, Meg is now also a talented dancer through her natural ability and sheer determination. With a welcoming and clear teaching style, she has encouraged many dancers to improveand develop a love for the dance. Not only that, Meg is fantastic dancer who inspires all with her sense of fun and enjoyment. But seriously, in a fight she could probably kill you.

When and why did you start dancing?

I started dancing in 2011 from a recommendation from Andy Conway who was a friend of a friend at the time. After fencing for Great Britain for 14 years and having a major rotator cuff injury I needed to rest from that but needed something else to try and get some exercise from without doing weights or over straining my shoulders. And that’s where Lindy Hop filled the gap.

Has Lindy Hop affected you in ways you haven’t expected?

When I first started dancing I was very nervous, shy and competitive with myself in wanting to get everything perfect which came from my sporting background. But as I learned the dance more I became more confident with dancing and in myself and found it a lot easier to talk to strangers and socialise without the competitiveness being an issue. And I learnt that it doesn’t matter if you can’t be perfect at it as long as I’m having fun, if I mess up, I no longer care (as much).
What made you decide to join the committee?
I decided to join the committee with my friends from dancing as we all wanted to help improve the Lindy scene, with socials, workshop and now a Lindy exchange.

What are your favourite shoes to dance in?

My favourite shoes to dance in are my fail safe cheap Primarni pumps, until I can afford a good pair of heeled danced shoes.

What worries you the most during a social dance?

My biggest worry during a social dance is stepping/kneeing or tripping up my lead. I seem to try new footwork techniques at some of the worst times and either put off my lead or worst, take them out!

If you had to put in to words what a good dance feels like, what would you compare it to?

A good dance to me is an adrenaline rush, followed by a rush of endorphins and the feeling of great accomplishment. In the dance we may have hit breaks spot on, or done something really musical at just the right point.

Name one difficulty you have faced learning to dance. How have you dealt with it?

My biggest challenge was asking people to dance. I used to turn up for the lesson and then either leave or stand around the edge of the dance floor, looking like a rabbit caught in headlights. So, I set myself a new challenge every week. Starting with ask 1 person to dance and build it up until I asked anyone who looked like they wanted to dance.

What’s the number one rule any good Lindy Hopper must follow?

My number one rule to be a good Lindy hopper is patience. Everyone has to start from somewhere, and if someone asks you to dance who is brand new or who has been dancing for years, they will have different things to work on. So if you can be patient and help them out either with just footwork or a new move, you can dance with anyone and everyone.

Who are your favourite dancers to watch?

Favourite dancers to watch are Frida and Marie (as in Hasse and Marie) Both are stylish with an air of effortlessness.

Is there such a thing as a mistake in Lindy Hop?

In my head I always make mistakes, however, they are always easy to get out of with a change of weight or a double hop, so I don’t think there really is a way of making a mistake if you can style it out.

What are your hopes for the Lindy community in the future?

I hope the Lindy community becomes more known. The scenes around the country are getting bigger, but still a lot of people are unaware of what Lindy hop actually is. I would love it to be a style on Strictly Come Dancing like it is in America on Dancing with the Stars.

What’s would someone say your signature move is on a social dance floor?

I don’t have a signature move that I’m aware of. Maybe I should get one.
Where do you like to dance outside of Manchester?
Outside of Manchester, I like to dance anywhere in the North, the scenes are so welcoming and friendly, and anyone will dance with anyone.


Megan Lomas was interviewed by Leanne Frank in 2015