We offer quarterly in-depth workshops aimed at those hoping to progress from our level 1 to our level 2 classes, details can be found here: Lindy Leap workshops

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We also occasionally run weekend workshops with guest teachers in Manchester. In the past we’ve played host to some of the best Lindy Hoppers in the world, such as Isabella Gregorio & Pontus Persson, Sharon Davis, Moe Sakan, Thomas Blacharz, Alice Mei and Max Pitruzella.

Hasse and Marie
Photo credit: Tamara Pinco

Our most recent workshop featured the awesome Hasse and Marie and now we’re working on our 2018 schedule!

Workshops generally take place at weekends, in the daytime. It’s a fantastic way to fast-track and fine-tune your dancing, because you get to focus for several hours, instead of a short weekly lesson.

Manchester Lindy also recommend workshops in Manchester taught by Taina K